Salted Fish  Heritage From Four Centuries


Satisfying our customer’s needs in a timely manner is our high priority. This culture assures our customers that only the finest quality of fish is processed to continue exceed expectations of the marketplace. We strive to do this efficiently and competitively to support our customers’ needs in the most sustainable way possible.


About Us

We bring high quality herring to the industry and consumers World-Wide. As an experienced trading Group in the international export market for over ten years, we pride ourselves to be one of the most competitive and reliable resources available in the region for salted cold smoked fish.

Strategically located in Norway,we have successfully formed an alliance to combine local resources to create a distribution company known today as Global Trade AS, helping emerging markets sustainably meet growing protein needs in the twenty-first century.

Our success relies on the valuable relationships we’ve built overtime. Those who partner with us, and our own people, are our best advocate to these values.


Fresh herring is caught in the cold waters of the Norwegian coastline, it is transferred into a customized sea salt brine for a minimum of 1.5-2 weeks. Fish is taken out to be desalted slightly with fresh water then dried. Once it is desalted, herring is set on specialized sticks used to place the fish above ground for a slow smoking process for about 25- 30 days, with an infusion of local chips and hardwoods.

This unique process, passed on from generation in Europe creates a delicious and a particular taste craved in many emerging markets, including Europe. The cold smoked herring is an excellent cost effective and healthy multi purposed product


Our most common solution is to use a wooden box of 18 pounds (8.18 kg) of cold smoked herring for container loading by an experienced team to minimize accident and breakage. The quantity in every wooden box of the cold smoked herring varies (60-78) depending on the season but the weigh is always consistent to market requirements.

Cold Smoked herring however is also available in fillets that are packaged in cardboard boxes of 10 pounds (4.54 kg).

We currently supply the wholesale trade only. We do not ship consumer orders.