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Global Trade is a international seafood trading specialist. Quality and freshness is our concern no.1. Buy fish directly from the boats that is processed right on the site. You can´t get any fresher than that! The majority of our product portfolio consists of fresh, frozen and long-shelf-life fish and seafood as well as chilled/dry dairy products. Our products are sourced from Norway and they meet the highest quality standards for food service as well as retail.


Norwegian Salmon

Norwegian Salmon delivers a clean taste and texture that comes from a slow, natural growth process and exceptional regulations to ensure safety.

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Norwegian King Crab

All year round, we catch one of the world’s most popular resources, King Crabs. Crabs are supplied to customers all over the world. Our only product is live King Crabs, and through innovative solutions from fisherman to plate, we are market leaders in this segment. Our fleet consists of small fishing vessels operating along the coast of Finnmark County in northern Norway. Crabs are gently caught in pots and transported alive to our tank facilities, where they are checked and sorted according to quality and size.

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Norwegian Cod

Norwegian Cod is known as Norway’s “white gold”. Renowned for its delicate white color, flaky structure and superior flavor, it’s one of the most common and economically important marine fishes in Norway. You can get the Norwegian Cod fresh, dired or frozen.
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Whitefish and seafood products

We offer a wide variety of fresh and frozen fish and seafood products under our Chef’s Quality brand. We import our fish & seafood from all over the world, offering both farm raised and wild caught. The majority of our products are EU, HACCP, and BRC approved. We can also deliver our frozen fish and seafood to any port in the world (CIF).
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